Finishing the Race

Hello Everyone!

I decided to do a blog about my life and my experiences at ORU.  I have some news to share with everyone and thought this was the best way to do it.  My time at ORU has been amazing, scary, challenging, happy, and full of God.  I have been a student there for four wonderful years out of the 10 YEARS (I KNOW, I KNOW) I have been going to school for my nursing education.  Well, when you are a 5th year student, as I will be, which I will explain later, you loose all federal aid and grants/loans. You also loose your Whole Person Scholarship and Perkins Loan (which is forgivable in the Nursing Field). I petitioned the Whole Person, now called Quest, Board of Directors to reverse the decision for funding a 5th year student AND I WAS APPROVED! (Cost of Tuition went up this year to $27,000.00.)

This is a huge deal to anyone that knows about getting extra money for college.  THIS IS A GOD DEAL. They awarded my $10,000.00 and they also reinstated my Perkins Loans for another $3000.00.  The CHEROKEE NATION ALSO awarded me another $4000.00, which is a miracle all in itself. So my total awards of $17,000.00 is nothing shy of a miracle.

I applied for outside loans and was denied only because of a ridiculous 9 months that I have left on a bankruptcy 10 years ago. My credit score was even 690! So, I either have to find a cosigner or raise the money and that is what I am doing here along with sharing my life story.  Somehow God will do a miracle and I will get that other $10,000 plus the $8000.00 that I need for housing. (Campus living is $10,000.00, so I am better off staying where I am).  This semester I have 14 credit hours plus 17 hours of clinicals a week. That is 31 HOURS of just school alone.  Not including ANY STUDYING OR WORKING. I also have to study for my big final nursing exam called the NCLEX so we are advised to literally not even work our senior year.  I know that I will have to work to pay bills but there is no way that I can work full time and go to school.

So, logically, in the natural it would seem like I would have to quit my senior year but there is no way that God would bring me this far to my senior year to just drop me off and say figure it out.  I serve a good God and a mighty God who owns it all and can speak to a stranger or to a donkey if He so wishes. 🙂 I AM BELIEVING FOR THE FULL AMOUNT OF $18,000 TOTAL AND NOT A PENNY LESS.  My link to give is Michelle’s Education Pay Pal Account  and I will post screen shot updates once a week to update you.  Sometime there may be no changes, but I am believing that there will always be something to show!!!! (I will not post any names just amounts) just so you can follow with me on the progress. Please stand in agreement with me that I finish strong like Billy Joe Daugherty said. Those words have stuck in my head and I am grateful for it!     Michelle’s Education Pay Pal Account

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