In The Middle of a Spiritual War

We have been dropped down in the middle of war at birth like a helicopter drops soldiers on the battle ground.  We have been given the guns, the ammo, the water, the bullet proof vests and our gear.  We are told to obey the orders that have been given to us from the upper ranks.  We are told that there may be thousands of weapons pointed against us, and some of us will die and some of us will live.  When we live through that first wave of attack, we earn wisdom on what to for the next wave and the next wave.  Sometimes we are surrounded by all sides in the middle of the night and alone in the brush, lying on our faces. 

 We call in to the base and we ask them to light up the area so that we can see the enemy. We will at times be surrounded by the dead and the wounded with the enemy still around  us, but we are soldiers, we lie in wait quietly until help comes.  Where does our help come from? Fire the hill! Light up our co-ordinance, send the fighter pilots to our area LORD.  The Bible tells us of our enemies, where they are strategically placed to hunt us and kill. The enemy will send the soldiers from the ant hills and the mountains to drive past our line undetected to flank us from the right and from the left. The commanding officer gives orders to the demons to hunt us, to mix among us with their camouflage gear. They lay low so that when we stand in our own confidence that the area is safe, they will throw grenades, they will use their bayonets, they will use cannons, they will use bombs.  We as officers of the highest command should never ever dismiss a generals orders, it will get us killed.  So many soldiers die daily when listening to those that are not in command.  They listen to their own rank and they take orders that have not been given and they die.  When a soldier does not obey an order, not only do they die but they put those at risk around them. 

As we sit on this earth, IED’s have been strategically placed every 10 feet.  We have metal detectors (holy spirit) we can either use the detectors or we can drive right into a trap and die. Those that survive the explosions of life are traumatized and take a long time to heal.  Emotionally and physically.

The bombs are lust to kill your marriage, lust to stop the orders given to you by your General.  Lust meaning the ANYTHING and everything of this world.. The lust to drink the lust of sex, the lust of what we want verses what our commanding officer has told us.  We want to get up in the middle of enemy fire and stand there being pelted with bullets from every direction.  We want to stand in the middle of an open field and yell here I am, I am impenetrable. Stupid decisions to stand in the enemy field and yell I can take you on will kill you.  You can’t stand alone in an open territory. However, those that do listen will lay low, they will not stand and get hit because they have been given orders to stop, listen and mark their enemies. Those that stand with you in the places of lust will also be shot down. One after one they come firing and killing.  

The lust of the heart is not something from your loins, it is from you own desires, the things you feel entitled to.  I can guarantee not one soldier on a field of enemy fire will go against order or else he or she will die.  These men and women over you have been given the power to guide you through the creek beds and over the mountains, through the swamp because they know things that you do not.  They have been given the map of the enemy and they have studied their strategies.  They know when the enemy will strike and they know how many enemies there are. Generals spend years studying the enemy and past attacks and massacres because they have to devise a plan to counter attack. They give the order and we follow them. The soldiers that can’t follow authority ( no matter the age) and can’t follow general commands fall at their own foolishness and rebellion. 

We as soldiers of the Lord listen to the Lord and obey the commands of the General, we get our men in the right spots at the right time, we plan, we strategize, we coordinate with other Commanding officers to take down the enemy. We spend time in the deep hours of the night with our compasses and our rulers and our blue prints to save those that are ranked below us. We have been entrusted by the Lord to give orders and to strike precisely, we have been issued weapons to hand out to those that are in the field, we teach them how to use those weapons and how to lay low when surrounded by the enemy. We take our job seriously.  

Those that are wounded are air lifted to the surgeon. Some must have limbs cut from their body to stop the bleeding, some need to have bullets removed, some never make it home.  They die.  They leave earth too early and they leave their wives and children abandoned.  Yet some of these that make it home from pure grace go back into deployment and come back with another limb missing and another bullet to remove because they didn’t listen. The medics in the field are the first responders those that plug up the wounds, fill the veins with morphine and tourniquet mangled body parts, they are the comforters of those going into shock and distress, they wrap them in wound blankets to stop the shock and the bleeding for a short time, but only a surgeon (God) can ultimately save their lives.  

 Where is our plan, what has God told us to do and what is distracting us from doing it?

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