Its a miracle!!! $8,550 left from $27,000. 

First let me tell you about my missionary heart .  After college I plan on getting my nurse practitioner degree and plan to move to South Africa where the largest AIDS epidemic is currently .  My goal is to help facilitate missions clinics  for women who are pregnant and nursing with HIV and AIDS .  I want to deliver babies to the mothers who live in rural areas so that the babies chances of survival from AIDS  will be much higher .  The comorbidity rate at this time in history is astounding and the suffering is paramount. I want to help these women and children holistically, mind, body, and spirit because they are the ones that have been abandoned the most.

This summer I started out needing to raise $27,000 for my college tuition because I am a fifth-year student and fifth year students lose all grants and scholarships and Federal Loan money. I was determined that God would come through all the way to the last minute. After many many meetings and after many letters, phone calls, social media, and emails I was able to push through with God Alone to raise almost $19,000!!!! I still need the $8,550 for school plus the $8000.00 for housing. 

My credit score is almost 700 but because of a bankruptcy 9 years ago, I need a cosigner for the rest or maybe God will put this on someone’s heart to pay in full. I’ve not grown weary and I believe that God would not have brought me this far to drop me off and say figure it out. 

These people need me more than anything in the world. They need my touch they need love and most of all they need to see God’s hand in their life. I believe I will see miracle after miracle after miracle during my journey. If you would like to give towards this amazing opportunity there’s a link above that you can click on to give. I decided to not do a GoFundMe page because they take it out so much money and if people are going to give, I don’t want a third party to be funded in any way shape or form it’s just not fair. I don’t believe that corporate America deserves the money that was meant for helping people heal.

Would you please help me today?

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