All $35,000.00 CAME IN!

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!!  So, I just wanted to share my HUGE TESTIMONY with others who are believing for a miracle! I started this summer needing a miracle of $35,000 to finish my senior year and this is with housing. My tuition alone was $27,000. I had lost all grants and scholarships and Federal funding. I knew that this was coming several years ago and so I was proactive in writing letters, going to meetings and phone call after phone call after phone call.

Just yesterday I was down to needing the final amount of tuition due, plus housing which totaled around $15000, and I didn’t have it. I started ugly crying early in the morning yesterday. I was walking out to my car, I had my phone in my hand, and I had just wiped my tears off my face and I guess somehow my tears made my phone act crazy because I threw my phone in the passenger seat, and all of the sudden YouTube pops up, and my pastor is preaching about the faith of a mustard seed.Mustard Seeds and Sycamore Trees video here. I grabbed my phone and looked at it through tears, watching the whole thing, because I know that God was speaking directly to me and that somehow, someway, YouTube turned on all by itself, because I had not been watching YouTube at all the last two or three days. I mean how perfect and how on point is that?

I continued on to Oral Roberts University to unenroll from school. I’m still ugly crying in the parking lot. I pull myself together and I go in to unenroll, and I talk to the lady in charge of ORU enrollment and she said,” I’m not going to unenroll you Michelle, God can do a miracle by Wednesday. We are just going to believe for a miracle!” So as I’m walking out, one of my professors saw me walk by, and she pulled me into her office and closed the door. She made me tell her what in the world was going on. I started crying and telling her the whole story of how I have worked so hard with my blog,Facebook, friends, family members, and anyone and everyone I could think of, and how I was just at the end of everything. I was going to have to unenroll from my dreams of being a nurse and the call of God on my life. She said, “Stop that crying right now sister, and dry those tears!” She said,” We’re not going to believe that! We’re going to believe that God will do a miracle!!” She said let’s pray and so we prayed and then she reminded me about the time that I didn’t have a dime for the Africa mission trip, which was totally paid for by people who love me, and she reminded me at that time how much I cried. Her same response then and now was, “Stop it! Stop those tears! Don’t you cry another tear! God called you to Africa and God said you’re going, and that’s that!”  I’m so grateful to have a professor like her in my life, who can speak directly to me and it not be offensive. She spoke to me like a good friend and leader should; directly, calmly, and to the point. Then she said, “I want you to call me later and I want you to tell me all about the miracle that you were going to receive okay? I’ll talk to you later! Bye, Love you.” Literally it was just like that! She doesn’t mince words and she has no time for going on and on. So I turned on my heel and I left her office.

I text Pastor Paul Daugherty and told him what was happening, and how his video popped up in the middle of my ugly cry storm, and his response was, “Wow wow wow you better not quit Michelle! You better not give up! God is going to do something amazing for you!” Within 11 minutes of him texting me back and after all the prayers, after all the standing, a family that I’d rather keep their names anonymous, stepped forward and paid the rest of my tuition and my housing while in school!!!


This is truly a miracle of God! I text Pastor Paul back immediately! I called my professor back right after that and we rejoiced and cried together and prayed together!! My son was sitting in the car, and he was able to witness everything unfold right in front of his eyes! He got to see firsthand the miracle of God on my life. He said, “Mom, I literally don’t know anyone that has as much favor as you and the most awesome thing about it is,  you know it’s not you, you know it’s God.  I see your humbleness and it makes me so happy inside to say yep that’s MY mom.” (awwwww)

So guess what everybody? I’m going to be a nurse!!! I’m going to be a SENIOR nurse who is graduating with her Bachelors of Science and Nursing, and minor in missions from the greatest University in this or any parallel universe, ORAL ROBERTS UNIVERSITY and I’m going to change the world with Jesus next to my side!


I am a fighter!!!!!! Devil, you’re going to hear me roar, louder than any lion. Cause I am a champion!

Katy Perrys Video Roar

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