Dreaming of Red Dirt

Did you know that during Ghana’s winter, the sun is completely covered with red sand from the Sahara Desert? Everything’s covered. Cars, homes, people, everything. Sounds pretty dirty and crazy doesn’t it? It’s actually the most beautiful thing in the world.

For those of you that don’t know me very, I will let you know that I love Africa. I mean I love Africa more than ice cream, which is next to God and my children. Haha I’m kind of kidding. Last year I was able or I should say honored to go to Ghana for my pediatric rotation. It was the most precious time of my life. 

It all started when my professor said raise your hand if you want to go to Africa. Then she said raise your hand if you want to go to Africa but don’t have the money. My hand went straight up in the air. I have known for a few years that I am supposed to practice in South Africa when I become a nurse practitioner. I want to deliver babies from moms who have AIDS or HIV. So when she offered the faith act by just raising your hand, I knew in my heart that I didn’t have a penny to go but that God would make sure I had a way. It was $2,400 and I would have to raise every red Cent. Plus getting a Visa, passport, special white nursing dresses,and all the shots that are required was an extra $500.00. Plus I needed money to spend. God started opening up doors left and right for me. People started giving me a check for $200, $300, $500. Some people could only give 20 some people could only give 5. It didn’t matter it was all coming in. 

When I got to the airport- wait not even then, when I stepped on the airplane and it took off I thought oh my gosh I’m going to Africa. I literally could not think of anything else the whole way there. Then 27 hours later when our wheels touched African soil, I was in a surreal moment. 

Flying over the Sahara Deset

 I was just amazed at what God was doing in my life. I was going to go heal and love people that were poor and broken hearted and sick,ect.. what happened was, I was the person who was healed, loved, restored. The people of Accra, Teshi, Pram Pram, and Kumasi Ghana, changed my heart forever.

Dental hygiene day with the school babies

The way that they love their families and stick together, it’s just amazing. The way that they love God is even more amazing. They have childlike faith and it’s so contagious. They don’t have much according to first world standards, but to me, they have everything. They have each other and they have the Lord. 

Women selling fruit on the side of a dangerous highway.

While I was there I was able to do my pediatric rotation in a rural missions hospital called Manna Missions. (See Manna Missions group Picture below). While on a round, I got to experience labor and delivery and a c-section. The baby was not breathing and to make a long story short, I was able to make a quick decision on saving the baby’s life and helped the respiratory team bring the baby to life. Another story is the story if Emmanuel, he was a sweet little 13 year old and he needed a blood transfusion, I can’t tell the whole story but I was able to purchase blood for him secretly (which is not a secret anymore) and they were able to keep him alive. When we left the hospital, he said, “I will see you again in heaven.” All of us girls cried and we knew that Emmanuel was right. Even if the blood kept him alive another 2 weeks, it was so worth it. So, in just two beautiful weeks, I helped save two lives. To God be the glory. 

The Team with Dr. Abhlor
House of Grace Orphanage

When we moved to The House of Grace Orphanage,  I met the orphan girl that I was paired with name Zewra, my heart was forever changed.(see pic below) I fell in love and I ached for her. She, just like me, has never had a mom or dad. She has a tribal brand mark on both cheeks that they do at birth and then she was abandoned. 

She was so happy to get her new outfit!

She has been in the orphanage for 11 years now, and I wish I could bring her home with me. The day I was leaving she wrote me the sweetest note. Isn’t this precious?!??!!😍😍

I love her so much

We sat on a couch, she buried her head in my chest and I sang Jesus loves me to her. She wept slowly which turned into a heart wrenching sob, that I was leaving her.I PROMISED her I would come back. I HAVE to go back!  I cried and still cry so hard because I just want to rescue her from life. I want her to have a real childhood. Don’t get me wrong, the orphanage is amazing and funded by Dr. Mark Rutland. So they are very loved and get a good education. I just want to take her and be her mom.

Matching bestie bracelets
My sweet Zewra

We made matching bracelets, and I handmade her doll she is holding.I miss the red dirt, I miss the clinic, I miss the people, but most of all, I miss Zewra! Red dirt is a beautiful thing.

Village girl

Please help me go, I have 30 days to come up with $3800.00 and since I am a senior and barely work this year, I have to raise it all! I’m not shaken and I know God will pull through for me to get back and help love and minister to the people of Ghana. You can click here Ghana Nursing Trip and give any amount. If you would like a tax deduction then message me before you give and I’ll tell you how. 

If you would like to donate towards school supplies or clothing for the kids, you can earmark that and it will go just for that. Thank you for reading my story. There is really so so so much more, but those things I keep in my heart. 

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