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Dreaming of Red Dirt

Did you know that during Ghana's winter, the sun is completely covered with red sand from the Sahara Desert? Everything's covered. Cars, homes, people, everything. Sounds pretty dirty and crazy doesn't it? It's actually the most beautiful thing in the world. For those of you that don't know me very, I will let you know... Continue Reading →

My Great Love of Photography

I express a lot of my feelings through pictures. I try to capture the beauty in all things and in all people, since that is what I see. I see through the eyes of God and my hurt together. Part of my blogging will contain series of pictures and also my story. Please do not... Continue Reading →

Neglected, Forgotten, and Exposed 

So the things that I'm going to share with you are pretty private and personal. Although I have decided to go ahead and publish my life for healing purposes. When I was about eight years old I started experimenting with my body. I didn't know why I found it fascinating but I did. See, my... Continue Reading →

Tree Hugging Little Girl

I will never forget the day that I was told that my grandmother was not my mom.  See, I was raised up until I was seven to believe that my grandmother was my mother.  My grandmother, did the best that she could I think, but I have always had this longing for a real mom.... Continue Reading →

An Oil Barons Great-Granddaughter

As an oil barons great-granddaughter, I will tell you about being a little girl raised in the oil field business. My Great-grandfather Buster Eskridge was an oil tycoon in Tulsa Oklahoma. He was Black Dutch, English, Cherokee, and Irish descent. He had smooth flowing black hair and a businessman persona. This ancient English surname of ESKRIDGE... Continue Reading →

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